Boat Rockerz 255 Review – Buying Guide and Detailed Review

boat rockerz 255 review

No matter where you are, what you do. One thing we must admit that the music is an integral part of our life. There is not a day that goes by without listening to that song. That’s why you need to have at least a pair of earphone or any gadget like that to get into this world of music. No matter if you call them headphones, earphones, earbuds or headsets, they’re pretty much all the same thing. So in this article, we are going to review one of the best earphones in the market, we will review boat rockerz 255.

The Boat Rockerz 255 review depends entirely on the user experience, the user reviews and we used it personally, so you get the perfect article Boat Rockerz 255 review. We will discuss everything about Boat Rockers 255 in detail so that you can get the perfect idea about it so that you can buy it.

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Boat Rockerz 255 Review – Buying Guide and Detailed Review

Have you tweaked the 3.5mm headphone jack and are now looking for a good pair of Bluetooth earphones to go wireless? Well, look no further. Boat Rockerz 255 sports Bluetooth wireless earphone is the perfect option for you. It has many interesting and useful features that make you fall in love with it. So, if you are planning to buy one of those then you landed in the right place. Hence without any further delay let’s review this earphone.


Being very lightweight in design this earphones ensures powerful HD sound and deep bass. Looking at its design boat rockerz 255 is both sturdy and stylish. In short, it has an attractive design with a comfort fit. 


These Bluetooth earphones that will always be with you so they need to comfortable. Hence in that aspect, we would say, they are very comfortable because of its lightweight. You can hardly get feel the weight of the earphone. 

Build Quality

Now coming to the build quality, it is made up of Plastic. Overall it’s fine but We would cut the marks for its Very Thin wire.

The build quality of Boat rockerz 255 seems to be a durable earphone.  


Now in terms of Fitting, this is in-ear style and we are happy to say that the fitting is good. The earphone comes with removable hooks which helps them to stay where they are. But if you don’t want those hooks then you can also remove them. But with these hooks, you can use them for a workout or running and they won’t fall out easily. 

As they are in-ear earphones, they block a lot of sound around you. So, they sort of give you noise cancellation.

Battery Life

The battery life is pretty good as advertised. About 5 to 6 hours of battery life. 

Call Quality

Now let’s talk about the, how’s the call quality with this earphone. Because many people use Bluetooth headphone actually to take voice calls. And here we would say, we had a mixed experience. When you are on call then call quality is very good in the same room but when you stepped out of the room then the quality starts degrading. 

Bluetooth Range

Bluetooth is the same typical Bluetooth range that we get with many of these headphones as about 15-20 feet. 

We would say that the range is sort of average which we may see in many of these in this price range.

Sound Quality

Now moving to the sound quality of this one, which might be the most important part if you listen to a lot of music.

Right out of the box we would say that sound signature is highly emphasized towards the bass. If you like bass a lot then you might like this headphone. 

At the default setting the bass was too overpowering high tones, some of the instruments and even the vocals were getting subdued. But you can easily manage the sound that you like, in the equalizer of the device that you connecting with it.  

So make sure that your smartphone has an equalizer option because the default sound has too much bass in our opinion. 

Boat rockerz 255 has a 10mm driver which produces an excellent frequency response and at the same time, they are insanely loud. 


This boat rockerz 255 wireless Bluetooth earphones are available in four different colours,

Active black, Neon, Ocean blue, Raging red

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Key Features:

  • Lightweight design.
  • Has powerful Qualcomm CSR8635 chipset providing the features of the latest Bluetooth 4.1 Version and 10mm drivers ensuring crystal clear wireless transmission in true HD sound.
  • Sporty and stylish look.
  • IPX 5 certified So that it remains safe from the bi-products of your workout, such as sweat and water.
  • With its wireless functionality and free access controls, it is perfect for your travel and daily needs. As you can control your phone with voice commands.
  • You can toggle the volume, skip tracks, attend calls, and activate Alexa, Siri, Google Now or Cortana voice-controlled smartphone assistants, with its inline controls.
  • Equipped with a 110 mAh capacity battery so you get 6 hours of playtime.
  • Magnetic earbuds secure the earphones from falling and keeps them safe when not in use.

Technical Specifications:

Headphone typeIn-ear
IPX ratingIPX5
Driver typeDynamic
Driver size10 mm
Frequency response20Hz-20 KHz
Battery capacity (mAh)110 mAh
Playback time6 hours
Power source3.7V/120 mAh
CompatibilityAll Bluetooth devices
Charging time1.5 hours
Standby time150 hours
Talktime6 hours
Bluetooth VersionV4.1

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  • Perfect headphones for workout.

  • Deep bass.

  • Comfortable and secure fit.

  • Stylish and sturdy look.

  • Light weight

  • Available in various colours.

  • Powerful battery.

  • Silent song lovers may not like it.

  • Sound starts degrading after 10m

  • Some people may have pain in ear due to conical buds which are removable.

  • Some customers have complain about low call quality.

1. In standby mode if the mobile is not using will it automatically disconnect with mobile

Yes, automatically disconnected to save energy of both the devices.

2. Does the product comes with Neckband or Neck wire?


3. Does it have a magnetic a lock?


4. What is the playtime?

About 6 hours

5. Does it support voice assistant?


6. What Bluetooth version it has?

It has Bluetooth V4.1

7. How to connect boat rockerz 255 to laptop?

            1. Turn on your boat rocker 255 earphone and make it discoverable, if it not.
            2. Select the start button on your PC and go to devices and printers,
                        Start Button > Devices and Printers
            3. Select the add device
            4. Follow further instructions that might appear to pair your device. Otherwise you’                         done and connected if you are already paired.


This earphone is perfect for the person who loves deep bass music. This is IPX 5 certified earphone, making it water resistant earphone. So anyone who loves to work out should definitely buy this earphone, as this earphone does not let your sweat come in. By reviewing every aspect we conclude that this earphone is the best earphone for the bass lovers and gym addicts.

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